8-Ball Tactics Includes
Half-Court Advantage

Half Court Billiards One billiards tactic I favor for 8-Ball emphasizes a winning tactic that few of us bear in mind when we are in a live game.

The goal is to confine your game to half the table and keep your shots relatively short. We may have this as a good intention, but we all know about that paving job.

Peter Drucker put it another way: "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."

After all, practice through repetition is developing a plan to win.

Let's get back to the Half Court Advantage. Start with a four-ball spread, but confine the position of these balls to one half of the table and center the cueball on the spot. It is a simple four-ball run out with one exception, all five balls must stay within the half-table "court".

The balls can be pocketed in any pocket...BUT the cue ball cannot roll past the side pockets. Crossing the cue ball past the side pockets stops your run.

Once you run 4 out of 5 "racks" add another ball. Failure to run 4 out of 5 racks... you must remove a ball and try again.

You can play against yourself; or one or more players.

Sink all four and next time, add a fifth. and take it on up to 8 balls. When you get so you can run off all 8 balls, keeping them confined below the center line, you have begun to lend power to a winning tactic. Half Court Advantage

To make it more realistic, do this drill with extra balls on the table, in other words, your targets are either stripes or solids. Now add two or three of the opposites just to get in your way.

Now you will not only begin to see patterns for complicated run outs, but you will begin to create those patterns with effective position play.

Build a few rounds of "half-court" into your practice sessions. You will find it a tactic that will help you set a strategy for winning whether you are on a bar box, an eight footer, or a nine.

This is a drill that will help you get a handle on cue ball speed, gives you an edge on position play and will help you to lock in safeties.

Couple More Tactics To Keep In Mind

Keep Your Advantages

Don't get over anxious and start elimintating every easy shot you have on the table specially if your ball happens to be blocking a pocket whereyour opponent could otherwise easily seek two or three balls. The counterpoint, do leave balls to strategically lock up corner pockets. This reducesthe number of available pockets your opponent can easily target.

Don't Even Try...

Unless you have practiced them a lot and have no doubt as to your ability to be successful avoid the three improbable shots; The Bank Shot, The Kick Shotand the combination where your results are uncertain and you are likely to leave your opponent in good position.