Billiards E-Zine

Values In Learning Skill

Attitude wins matches.

Those who come into the match, tournament, or "just a friendly game" with a positive attitude have an attitude towards winning.

It is not always the best players who win, it is this attitude skill that helps them take first place.

That is the purpose of Billiardtips-e-press, the newest E-Magazine on the Web.

I wanted you to be one of the first to join me on what promises to be an interesting ride, my first electronic magazine.

It follows on two e-books I have written on billiards.

Soon, you will start receiving a newsletter from me around the end of every month, as long as you continue to subscribe and I continue to do it. And I have plenty of material to keep going. The format will be...

1) Either a story about a player that has harnessed the positive power of ethical, cooperative, creative approaches in developing his/her game, or a how-to that will help you put these ideas to work in your own game.
2) Any special offers or news I have to share with you,
3) A guest educational article or practice drills on billiards,
4) New billiards tips, brief and to the point,
5) Letters to the editor, if I have any to share
6) Routine administrative information.

My goal is that the whole thing will not take you any longer than about 10 minutes to read, but that it will help reinforce the values you've chosen to live your life by, and perhaps help convince others that it is possible to succeed without selling your soul and without stabbing anyone in the back.