Billiards Addictions:
Signs You May Need Britney’s Rehab

Addiction takes many forms and not all of it requires a rehab house for recovery.Are you addicted to pool? How to get unplugged and unwired?

For instance, billiards addiction shows many of the following symptoms:

1. You wear two retractable chalk holders one for your chalk and one for its back-up.

2. Your front lawn has a rectangular putting green with 4 corner holes and 2 in the sides

3. Your dinner table has Simonis cloth placemats

4. Your eyesight won't let you read the numbers on the balls, but you refuse to wear eyeglasses because you have trouble with the rims.

5. Your pencil erasers have either a nickel or dime radius.

6. Your ping-pong serve has a pre-shot routine

7. You get up two hours early to shoot a few racks of pool to get motivated for the day

8. You have 8-ball caps for your tire's valve stems 9. When the expression "Nice Rack" makes you think of billiards before females

10. You cannot sleep cause you are thinking to much about missing a shot

11. Your cue costs more then your car

12. You go to the races and bet on 9 every time

13. You think of wood in terms of how "sweet" they hit

14. You never take a trip anywhere without finding out where the pool halls are located first.

15. When you go out to dinner you always carry a piece of chalk just in case
16. You just played 2 hours ago but it feels like eons since you last picked up your cue<

17. You've watched every pool movie ever made multiple times, even the crappy ones.

18. You give away your old pool cues to friends as an excuse to buy a more expensive cue.

19. Your cue case holds multiple cues and it is completely full.

20. You carry your cues everywhere, to work, anywhere as long as you don't have to leave it in your car.