Heard in the Poolroom

Get with the Game

Earlier this month a story surfaced in a rural Georgia town that ought to make all of us think about what we can do to improve the image of the Game we love.

A little-known ban on pool tables snarled plans for a new sports bar in a North Georgia. town. Kevin Cummings asked City Council members this week about a 1982 ordinance that apparently would make it illegal for him to put four pool tables, as he plans, in a bar he is remodeling.

Council members told him the local law indeed bans the tables, and that they had no intention of granting him an exemption. They said the ordinance was prompted by trouble police had in the 1980's with an establishment that featured pool tables, which they say contribute to alcohol abuse. "It's a bad combination:liquor, pool tables and teenagers," said council member Martha Denton.

It has been close to 50 years ago, but I bet you remember the words:

Well, ya got trouble, my friend. Right here, I say trouble right here in River City Why, sure, I'm a billiard player Certainly mighty proud to say, I'm always mighty proud to say it I consider the hours I spend with a cue in my hand are golden Help you cultivate horse sense and a cool head and a keen eye Didja ever take and try to give an iron clad leave to yourself from a three-rail billiard shot?

But just as I say it takes judgement, brains and maturity to score in a balk-line game I say that any boob can take and shove a ball in a pocket And I call that sloth; the first big step on the road to the depths of degreda- I say, first- medicinal wine from a teaspoon, then beer from a bottle And the next thing you know your son is playin' for money in a pinchback suit And listenin' to some big out-o'-town jasper hear him tell about horserace gamblin' Not a wholesome trottin' race, no, but a race where they set down right on the horse Like to see some stuck up jockey boy sittin' on Dan Patch? Make your blood boil, well I should say

Now, folks, let me show you what I mean You've got one, two, three, four, five, six pockets in a table Pockets that mark the difference between a gentleman and a bum With a capital 'B' and that rhymes with 'P' and that stands for 'pool'

With apologies to Meridith Willson

We all enjoy billiards, but if you truly want to see it grow, you needTo participate in more than just running balls.

Folks that look upon Pool Halls as seedy & bad, because of gambling, are absolutely nuts. Take a look at how many people participate weekly in the biggest gamble ofAll…playing thee lottery, at the urging and with the blessing of the government.

While we wait to have our sport recognized by the TV producers and the Olympiad, become a member of a local Pool League. Get your friends sign a petition to Budweiser or Frito-Lay to sponsor a local Pool Tournament.

Support your local Professional & Pool hall owner by purchasing merchandise. Being a patron of eBay doesn't do anyone any good, you might save $75 on a Stick, but your local Professional might be more interested in you as a person, if you cared about him too. A couple of good tips on your Pool Game, from you local pro, might be worth a lot more than $75. Taking lessons, while becoming a better player too, helps support your Local professional.

Get with the game, think nationally, even internationally, but spend locally.