Billiard Gloves

Gloves are one of the many accessories that help billiard players maximize their potential in the game. Also known as cue gloves or pool gloves, billiard gloves are so handy during a game, they are often referred to as a pool player's best friend in the game.

A pool glove is easy to recognize. Though in many ways like any ordinary glove; the biggest difference is that it covers only three fingers- the middle finger, index finger and the thumb. Within the billiard gloves category there are several different varieties and qualities and they come in different price ranges.

Though materials used for manufacturing pool gloves vary among the different brands, Spandex and Lycra are the most commonly used material. This is primarily because of their frictionless qualities as well as their special ability to offer a strong, snug grip, both of which allow excellent traction for the cue stick. Gloves made of this material come in various sizes that range from extra large to extra small. Some brands manufacture pool gloves that are elastic enough to be one-size-fits-all.

A billiard player wears a glove on the guide hand. This glove reduces friction and helps the pool cue shaft slide easier through the player's hand. It is this decrease in friction that helps a player's stroke have enhanced accuracy and consistency. Billiard gloves are especially designed to envelope the knuckle areas of the middle finger, index finger and thumb of the player's guide hand. The finger tips are exposed so that you can get a better grip on the felt. The little finger and the ring finger are left exposed. The glove is secured in position with a fastenable, releasable strap that is provided near the wrist area of the guide hand.

Some brands manufacture gloves that extend to cover the wrist. These gloves feature a Velcro closure for perfect adjustment at the wrist and for greater stability. Gloves that have a leather gripping pad in the palm, offer you much greater stability with your bridge hand and reinforce your grip over the table cloth.

Over a period of time, most billiard players develop a preference over one kind of brand or glove material over the others.

Sterling Billiard gloves is a premium-quality glove that is much coveted by almost all billiard enthusiasts. It is easy to slip on, comes in a variety of sleek colors and its high elasticity ensures a perfect fit. What's more the glove is reversible and can be used by either right-handed as well as left-handed players.