Billiards Aiming

Time You Hit Your Target

Billiards accuracy in addressing the cue ball isnít an accident and is essential to not only making the shot, but to gaining adequate position for your next shot.

This involves a lot more than simply at what point the cue makes contact with the cue ball starting from the point you step up to the table. When you walk towards the table, purposely walk in line with the shot you have selected so as you approach, you are looking down the path you want the cue ball to travel. This line is important, not only to your aiming process, but in your stance and alignment.

Look at the shot while you are standing and align yourself in its direction. You want to be able to "see" the shot without another ball jutting into the intended path. Your goal is to see the shot without having to rely on a "ghost ball".

Take a look at this Alignment Tool You Can Make, and see an improvement in your billiards aiming.

You should be able to see the line of the shot; the line the cue ball must travel to hit the object ball or rail. See the line, not some imaginary ghost spot. Choosing that exact line will help you determine what you want to accomplish with this shot, relying on your current level of skill and various aiming adjustments to compensate for throw, squirt english etc.

Come up to the table, cue in the proper hand gripped about two feet from the joint (more on this in a minute). For now, the object is to get the cue tip adjacent to the cue ball. Keep your feet planted where they are for now. Letís get back to the grip. With the cue tip in the same position, your forearm must be perpendicular to the cue and at the same time, parallel to your leg.

The final moves will set your feet properly. Move the rear foot back (tip will move offline) and the front foot forward (tip returns to origin). Your rear foot should be aimed down the target line and the other should be facing the object ball.

In this position, your chin should be directly over the joint.

Develop a pre-shot routine I canít stress this enough, you must do things.

Take a look at these practical billiard aiming tips for some concise ways to improve your aim. Short sharp ideas that will help your game instantly.

Gemoetry is critcal to every shot and next your should read our article about The Importance of Geometry to further improve your billiards aiming.

Here is a novel idea to improve your aim - Billiards Ferrule Sight adapted from the sport of shooting - improve your aim.