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Until now, buying billiard books electronically meant going to an Internet Billiard bookseller’s Web site, finding the title you want, paying with a credit card, and having the book shipped from a warehouse to your home or office.

While there’s no question that this e-commerce model increases buyer convenience and streamlines distribution, it does not represent a significant advance over the real-world experience of buying a book in a brick-and- mortar store.

The buying process incorporates rapidly evolving technologies, but the content remains decidedly low-tech: paper, ink, and glue.

A more visionary scenario comes from futurists and science fiction writers who have long imagined the advent of electronic books (eBooks).

These handheld devices would display the content found in traditional books on the miniature screens of portable devices, eliminating the need for physical books as we know them. We’re a long way from abandoning traditional books, but Billiard eBooks have arrived.

Presenting the content of traditional books in digital form, today’s eBooks can be read via a variety of hardware devices: desktop computers, dedicated eBook readers, and other personal electronic devices. Purchasers of eBooks typically download the electronic content directly from Web sites to one of these devices.


1. No waiting--just pay and download
2. No shipping charges
3. Easy to read and take with you
4. Read it onscreen or print a hard copy
5. Up-to-date information!

HOW TO READ OUR EBOOKS: To read the eBooks on our site you will need either the Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS. They both allow you to view Acrobat PDF files but the Adobe Reader for Palm allows you to read eBooks on your Palm OS PDA. Both are FREE so download one today so you can read not only our eBooks but ones you'll find on other sites as well.

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