Billiards Follow Shot

Gets Position For Your Next Shot

We've all had this troubling experience.

An object ball right in front of the corner pocket-you aim a table-length stop shot to sink it and stop the cueball...

It follows it right into the pocket and you give your opponent ball-in-hand.

Many of us shoot high on the cue ball and call it a follow stroke.

The essence of any stroke is in how you deliver the cue tip to the cue ball. Set up a shot straight in the side pocket. The cue ball should be a couple of feet from the object ball. Place your cue tip one-sixteenth below center. Deliver a follow stroke and make the cue ball follow the object ball.

A lot of teachers direct you to create a follow shot by striking the cue ball above the equator to set it rolling faster.

The Monk says there is only one way you will see the cue ball follow the object ball and that is if you deliver a fine follow stroke. Flow through the cue ball. Your shooting hand should almost be limp. Float through and allow the cue ball to roll towards its target. I can make the cue ball follow the object ball with one half cue tip below center!

A follow stroke is vital to your game. There are many ways to use a follow stroke to gain favorable position and control the cue ball

A well delivered follow shot has a trio of strong benefits.

1. The cue ball spins faster than if you just rolled it along the cloth and actually provides more impact on contact with the object ball.

2. The follow shot is more easily effective on a table length shot because of the increased spin rate. A table-length draw, for instance, is pretty difficult.

3. On contact, the cue spinning cue ball will actually grab the cloth and continue rolling after impact with the object ball. How far? Depends.

How hard did you hit the cue ball?
How high above the cue ball’s equator did the cue hit?
How much energy transferred to the object ball?

If you are ever to become a consistent player you must master the four strokes of pool There is only one stroke that will get position on certain balls.

If you know the strokes you know how to play pool. If you do not have a copy of “The Lesson”, do yourself a favor. Order it now. The Monk gives you a personal guarantee. If the book does not help you, he will refund your money.