A Billiards Mania

If you have ever spent time shooting a game of pool with your friends you know how addictive it can be. You think to yourself, "Just one more game" and before you know it you are on your fifth game. Billiards is addictive and when you shoot a good game, you don't want to stop. What makes this game so addictive? Maybe it is the constant strategy that you need to plan with each shot or the automatic "natural high" feeling you get when you pocket your shot. Regardless of why you are addicted to pool you don't need to call for back up just yet.

When you purchase your own pool table you can't wait to invite your friends or family over so you can shoot a great game of pool. Purchasing a pool table is usually a big expense and you are probably serious about the game before you consider purchasing your table. When you get the table set up, you may decide to add a bar to your pool room to set the atmosphere when people come over to play. Because you have easy access to your own pool table now you may find that you can't walk by the table without picking up the cue stick and shooting a quick game. Before you know it you have spent a couple of hours on the game and not finished what you were supposed to do to begin with.

If your friend has a pool table and invites you over to shoot a game of pool you may find that you shoot a few games before you realize the time. Maybe you travel down to the local pool hall to shoot a game with your friends. Shooting a game in a pool hall allows you to pay per game so it doesn't cost you much unless you play several games every day.

Some of the signs of addiction include:-