True Billiards Mastery

Takes More Than Talk

To Tim:

My shooting woes continue. In an attempt to just eliminate some of the misses that may be caused by trying to do too much with a shot, I've been reducing the amount of english I use for position.

It feels better to be working center ball but the numbers are the same.

I will mail the latest set of numbers from Lesson #1 rock piling and you will see that I run the whole spectrum of consecutive balls: 0 - 15. My self-assessment bounces between loss of concentration and poor technique. So, I'm stuck in the mud and will just continue the same process until you give me some other direction.

From Tim: When we pile rocks we shoot one shot at a time. We see the shot, know the stroke, shoot the shot. It does not say we "make the shot".

There can be no such thing as "shooting woes". Once the shot is over, it no longer exist. You see the shot in front of you, so there can be no 'shooting woes' on a shot you have not shot yet.

Get back to the shot at hand. Pile rocks. Pile them until you are simply moving around the table shooting the shot you are facing. Pile the rocks over to the other side of the road and then back again.