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Billiards news at scours the web and industry magazines weekly to gather excerpts on the latest events in this great game.
A sport that now attracts over 45 million players worldwide does have events of significance.
They also aren't afraid to speak their minds.
We monitor these events and comments and they often trigger new features for this site.
We can't be there for every news happening, we may not even hear of some, but we strive be able to record their importance here.

Coming Events

Coming Events calendars billiard events with the event coordinator's description and details.
Events can be submitted by coordinators worldwide to Billiard News, but in reality the webmaster reserves the right to decide whether or not they will be included at this site. This is not a commercial page so banners are not used.

Heard in the Poolroom

Heard in the Poolroom is a Billiards News feature, impromptu in nature and represents editorial comment on happenings in and around the billiard industry. The source can include both site users and the webmaster, but the author of these opinions needs to be clearly identified, ie, first name, last name and e-mail address.

New useful additions to

New features at will show up here with suitable links. If you have an idea for a new feature, be sure to submit it here. All will be considered and pursued after review by the site owner and webmaster. Our goal is to make this site as helpful as possible to all users--