Billards Shot Rebound

How Far Does Your Cue Ball Bounce?

I recently had a student ask, "How can I tell how far the cue ball will travel after it hits the target ball?" Good question, but I didn't have a pat answer. Here is a basic technique I developed for her.

My initial reaction was to say, "you will have to determine that yourself through trial and error." That answer did not suit me. It seemed like a question I should be able to answer and yet I could not recall ever seeing it mentioned in any book or video. I have been working on my cue ball speed for years with the 2-7-2 series by The Monk. His explanation involves using the cue ball by itself from center table, traveling 3 cushions to return to center.

But how far will the cue ball travel after a medium stroke 45 shot, where it sinks a target ball? Once you know this, it is much easier to envision its travel on other shots of various speeds and angles.

Experienced players will often advise "you just have to get a feel for it". That does apply to many areas of the game, but it doesn't necessarily have to apply to all. After all, that was probably the stock answer regarding where the cue ball travels after hitting the object ball until someone discovered the tangent line.

I went to the table and began to experiment with various shots, and tried to think through the process. I decided it was logical to base the experiment on 2 basic concepts; a 45 cut shot, and the medium speed stroke associated with the End Rail Stroke Drill I suggest all students learn and use regularly.