Billiards Stroke

Perfect It To Really Develop Your Game

by Fast Larry Guninger

THE STROKE IS THE HEART OF THE GAME. UNTIL YOU HAVE A PERFECT STRAIGHT STROKE YOU CAN NEVER BE A CHAMPION OR ADVANCE VERY HIGH IN POOL. So why should I read 20 pages of stroke instruction and a total of 31 pages which gives me thoughts to become a winner. I donít want to read a book. Ok, I understand, remain a ball banging bozo. But if you want to advance and become somebody in pool, then read on.

Ball bangers ask me, why does my cue ball hop when I shoot? Because most of the bangers are jacked up a ton on every shot.

The butt of the cue is up in the air almost like a jump shot. Itís a wonder they ever make a shot because all they are doing is hitting masse shots that never arrive on target. If they donít hit the perfect exact center of the cue ball it curves on them which happens 99% of the time.

To stop the hop, level your cue out where the shaft is now parallel to the bed cloth.Set up a simple shot in the corner, almost straight in, very slight cut. Put the OB one foot out from the pocket and the CB one foot from the OB. Now place a dime between the CB & OB, half way. Place a 2nd dime beyond the OB, half way to the pocket. Aim one tip up, one tip right on the cue ball to hit a force follow shot. Now shoot jacked up as usual and watch the OB go in and neither dime moves.

Why, you did a double jump that happens so fast the eye canít see it but the dimes prove it. You jumped the cue ball over the dime to land on the OB, which jumps it over the dime to go in the pocket in the air never touching the cloth. This also explain why now and then you fire a ball into the center of the pocket and it comes right back out. You jumped the OB in high and it rebounded back off the hard top of the pocket.