Billiard Tipster

4-minute Billiard Tips

Today we are all busier than ever. Why wade through long, dry billiards book or attend expensive seminars. My 4-Minute Tipster e-Books will help you with solid how-to tips and shortcuts you need to help you be a better player today!

The goal of each Tip eBook is to help you master a specific facet of your game or strategy in a very short period of time so you can learn it, do it, and play more effectively so you have more time for your life.

The Aiming Tipster gets your sight right

Is there a practical aiming system that will take your game to new heighths? Some swear by it, others swear at it.

Practice Tipster helps establish routine

Yes practice can be boring. It is hard work. The harder you work, the more results you will get. It takes concentration and everyone's attention span is different. By understanding what practice really is, and that only Perfect Practice will make perfect, can we discipline ourselves to longer practice.

Strategy Tipster will help you plan to win

Which is the best shot to choose? If you donít make a clear decision and shoot the shot with less than a 100% commitment, you lose. You must develop your own strategy and perfect it 100%. One hundred per cent of your shot is better than 50% of the so called right shot.

Learn to master stroke--it is vital

One of the neatest developments this year to help your stroke is the Stroke Trainer invented by Doug Carter. He has produced a simple training tool that will do more for your stroke than all the words on this web site. It is something you really should check into.