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Show and Tell Instruction

The Video Library provides easy to understand video instruction on a variety of pool training topics that will help you in your game improvement.

Billiards Training Drill Videos

These videos will illustrate both the set-up and procedure for executing a variety of practice drills.

This drill is called the 12-Ball Exercise and is a practical method for learning to shoot cut shots from a variety of table locations which emphasize different angles.

Cue Table Breaks Language Barrier

For years, billiard shots have comprised a common language that we share.

In this language, the table and balls are the vocabulary, the strokes and tactics form the grammar, and the execution and outcome are the expressions. Unfortunately there had been no way for us to communicate online about our game until the introduction of CueTable.

This video is a quick lesson on how to use this tool.

Touch No Rails Exercise Softens Your Stroke

his is one of my favorite drills that forces me to develop a soft cue ball speed or settle for less than spectacular results.

The object is to run off all 14 balls without hitting a rail. As you develop the skills necessary to accomplish this goal, as a side effect, you will learn to be precise in the cue ball speed as it approaches your object ball.

Start with ball in hand and shoot all the balls off the table without allowing the cue ball to touch any rails. There are many, many, many valuable lessons built into this exercise. Do not pass it by. The beauty of the exercise is that you will be expected to use all your skills.

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