Billiard Lessons

Do you need a low cost lesson that will make you a billiards winner?

Since it was written five years ago, The Lesson by Tim "The Monk" Miller has remained at the top of billiards players wish list. It should be on yours.

In The Lesson, The Monk presents the keys to both concentration skill and performance skills in language and drills you can understand.

The Monk explains there are four basic strokes in this game. "We use them to gain favorable position after making the shot. If we use the wrong the wrong stroke, we may make the ball, but fail to control the cue ball. Or we can sight the object ball perfectly, yet still miss the shot because we did not use the right stroke.

The four strokes are The Punch Stroke, The Draw Stroke, The Follow Stroke and the Spin Stroke.

The fact that there are four strokes you need to master billiards shouldn't come as a surprise. In all sports there are a variety of shots you can use to win games. For example, in golf you can hit a high fade, a low draw, a punch and run, a back spin pitch shot, a spin shot, or a plop shot. These golf shots often rely on different clubs and different ways of striking the ball.

Before we go further, which of the strokes would you like to master first?

The Punch Stroke
The Follow Stroke
The Draw Stroke
The Spin Stroke

Testimonial: Hi Tim, Since I started working on the 2-7-2 program my cue ball speed has really improved. I have moved up two levels with this new skill. Thanks for taking the time to share this with all struggling pool players everywhere. Brian

We are now able to offer "The Lesson" in two formats; hardcopy book form and as a digital e-Book. Both contain the same material, but the digital version gives you immediate access without the cost and time involved in shipping. Also, as an e-Book, you have the option of printing out any of the 200+ drills and taking them to the table for a workout.

There is much more to The Lesson than 47 pages on the Four Strokes of Billiards, afterall, this is a 260-page Handbook for Enlightened Billiards Students.

Must reading is the 2-7-2 series which is vital to your development in this game. It is the foundation to a championship performance. You need to take your time in mastering this series for it will be a part of your game for the rest of your encounter with pocket billiards.

The 2-7-2 shot in itself will give you the key to cue ball speed. In The Monk's words, "I can send you out into battle with a fine Punch Stroke. You could also have a great Draw Stroke and understand the four draw strokes of pool.

You may have worked on developing a fine Follow Stroke and you have perfected the Spin Shot." He admits he would be a poor teacher without giving you a means of developing good speed skills. If you skip the four strokes of pool, you will be plagued and over come with an inconsistent game. One day you’re up and one day you’re down.

You must master the four strokes of pool before you consider speed and position play.

If you want to be a consistent player you must possess the four strokes of pool. There are times when you mix them up. A shot may call for a little follow and a lot of punch. Or punch force follow. Begin your training now. The second stage of pocket billiards is the four strokes of pool. Master them. You can do it. It is time for you to "do it right".