Buying a Billiard Table

Buying a billiards table for the home is not the same as buying new living room furniture despite the fact 2 chairs and a couch will probably cost as much as a new eight-foot table, particularly if you live in a two-bedroom apartment.

At the time, I was nudging Senior Citizen-Hood and my wife was coming along. We both jumped into billiards like we were in our mid-twenties.

Playing a couple of evenings a week at the local Boston Billiards was turning into a budget item.

The idea of a pool table loan for half what we were spending monthly made sense.

I started researching on the web and it soon became clear it wouldn't go into the spare bedroom (five feet clearance all the way around).

We didn't have a basement. That meant relegating the two chairs and couch to one end of the room and corner and the table got center stage.

Actual table selection wasn't that big a deal. There are two stores in the city and we were more concerned about selection and service, prices were about equal.

We purchased the Brunswick the day before Thanksgiving in 2000 for delivery in mid-December.

In anticipation of table delivery day we tugged and shoved the furniture into its new positions and cleared a space roughly 30 X 16 (well relatively clear, a couple of spots the cue will nudge the wall).

But we were ready for T-D-Day. Took my last vacation day to watch the table get assembled in the living room.

Itís an interesting process if you've never seen it.

The table-in-the-living room worked for a while (with the cover in place, it's a great place to fold laundry).

But after the first year, my wife began yearning for a sitting room without an 8-foot flat top as the centerpiece.

One good thing about a billiard table, it pretty much takes over its domain. Once it is set up, there isn't an easy way to move it.

That's the day we lost the spare room. Out went the bed, out came my computer desk and related paraphernalia. Out went the old couch and one of the chairs.

In came two new chairs, a new love seat and a new coat of paint. With a little ingenuity, my wife put the TV inside the closet so it's in the new sitting room.

When visitors called, it could go behind closed doors. When my wife gets on a roll, she can literally transform a drab living space; almost overnight into a resort hotel's Presidential Suite.

I know, it took place in this apartment I can easily call home. Who says billiards won't change your life?

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