Casual Pool

Casual Pool Takes strife
Out Of Your Game

Maybe it is not your goal to go "hill to hill with the best player in your state.

Maybe you don't want to travel half way across the country to play in a winner-take-all tournament.

Maybe you 'd just like your game to be a little more consistent so when you get together with other friends who also like an occasional pool game, its not always you picking up the tab.

I can't sell instruction short. When it comes to the basics, you can't beat someone who can give you a "hands on" education.

The fundamentals of pool are of prime importance when you are trying to make your game more consistent.

You will find that most players are working to bring consistency to their game. After all, if they could perform at all times, the way they do occasionally, this game would be a lot different for all of us.

If you are not consistent, you are having problems in your fundamentals. It stands to reason.

An inconsistent player does not hit the cue ball the same way every time. Therefore, he/she cannot expect consistent results. Just How Addicted Are You?

Once you miss-hit the cue ball, your mind begins to play tricks on you. You start to think you are having mental problems with pool, something is wrong with you, and then you begin to get down on yourself.

This will put you into a slump. You lose confidence, and picking up a cue is no longer fun--you just know you're going to get beat.

Your stroke is unsure and tentative and things can only get worse. You begin to change your stance, your grip, and your style of play.

And once in a while, on that special night, you click into your real self and shoot lights out. Everything works and you are once again drawn into the game with all the enthusiasm of a world-class player. "If I can only play like this all the time", you dream, "I could be a real good player".

Here's how to terminate inconsistent billiards

Get Back to the Basics

Inconsistency has everything to do with the basics. You will know when you need a review. The quality of your hit on the cue ball starts to suffer. If you don't stay on top of the fundamentals, you will never strike the cue ball the same way. Each shot becomes an adventure in timing.

In order to build good sound skills, skills that will serve you well, you must be able to hit the cue ball with a clean pure stroke. The cue tip must go through the cue ball on an exact plane. There can be no slipping, no bouncing, and no pushing. Everything must be pure. If I can help you become a more consistent player, you will win more games, enjoy the game, and be satisfied with your performance.

Consistency builds good trust skills. It helps you reserve energy for those tough matches late in the tournament. It gives you confidence.

Begin work on your fundamental approach to every single shot and you will raise your level of play. You will begin to trust your game. You will be able to trust your performance.

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