Billiard Drills

Billiards drills can be found in almost any book, on many websites, but if you are just looking for drills you can actually work from, few are as convenient (print and take ‘em to the table) and as economic as "Drill Bytes". Most are $3 each, sets are a little cheaper.

An individual Drill Byte consists of an introduction describing the drill and what you can learn using it. This is followed by a table-layout of the drill showing how to set it up.

Then there is a description of how to shoot the shot and finally the score sheet. This is where you prove to yourself just what you have learned and how long it took you to learn it.

The Drill Bytes section of this website will grow in two ways: Drill submissions by players and with drills I run across that work for me.My goal is to add 10 or 15 new drills each month, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, check back often.

The first set is one I happen to consider the most important, it is actually a series of drills devised by Tim Miller, “The Monk” to teach himself how to gain center table position after sinking a shot.

The 2-7-2 Series is one of the most vital drill sets; it is your foundation for championship performance. The 2-7-2 series will help you develop good, consistent speed that will take your game to new levels.

You will return to this set of drills throughout your billiards career. It will serve as a positive anchor for your performance. Set that anchor well.

The 2-7-2 series Six-pack contains the whole series, the 2-7-2,2-7-2+1, 2-7-2+2, 2-7-2+3, 2-7-2+4 and the 2-7-2+5.

Master the all and you will see a major difference in your game.

NOTE: This is an immediately downloadable product.

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