Improve Billiards

With Laser-Like Focus on your Intention

Improving billiards performance is not just a matter of developing a strong skill set. It takes extreme dedication to following the correct path.

When we take our eyes off our intentions, we lose focus and thereby lose our drive. Our intentions give us our drive, and our drive, gives us our energy.

Those of you who are training for excellence in pocket billiards weaken your training by going out and playing social pool. A four-day meaningless tournament will require an additional eight days of training just to recover and regain the skill level we gave away.

Performance and skill development are two different things. We cannot veer from our chosen course. When you join the Masters of Art In Pocket Billards program, you Are in training. Every week, you are in training. Everyday, you are in training. Every hour, you are in training. This is your life. You are seeking something very special and this sets you apart from others.

Set A Course and Stick To It

When you step away from your life, you weaken what you are doing. There is no way around this reality. If you are training to become a Master, then you should spend all your time in that pursuit. How can you go out and compete when you are in training? It does not work that way.

Many are called yet few are chosen. Many players lose their way because they stray from the path. The question is: Are you training or are you playing? Once in a while you can go out and compete in a tournament to measure your progress. I encourage this once you are at level five of the MA/PB program. When you reach level five, you have acquired the skills that enable you to measure your progress in tournament competition. You must be able to enter this event feeling like a master player. If you cannot do this, then do not compete in the event.

When you enter the path, you are the path. Take pride in your efforts.

When you face a layout on the table, ask yourself, "What would a master do here?" and do it. You are a master when you enter the Masters program. To reach the master level will take all your efforts. Half measures avail us nothing. The 'plateau' players are caught between personalities. They drift between player and master and never really make the commitment that gives them the skills they seek. They leap into competition before they are ready and as a result they build a faulty mindset. From our mindset we act, think and perform.

If your total purpose is to train and acquire world class skills and you align yourself with players who have a different mindset, you are not on the path.

We travel in the circle that supports our goal. We are training to gain world class skills. Until we complete this part of our journey, we are not able to chase another goal.

A master looks on his/her goals with a singleness of purpose. There is one objective and that is to become a master in the art of pocket billiards. This is our total focus. Suspend all pool activity that does not reflect your desire to fulfill your purpose. Look around. Is what you are doing supporting your purpose? Does your activity support what you desire to achieve? Only you are the master of your destiny.

Count The Cost