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The Monk's Books, Videos and audio tapes contain Advanced Billiards Concepts. They are all about learning the skills to enable you compete successfully at Billiards whether you describe yourself as a social player, a league player, tournament player, or a match player your game can be improved through your skills development.

Once you learn the skills to play this game, you then need another set of skills to compete with a clear mind--a one track mind. You must be clear about what you want to do. You must be certain of your values.

Learn billiards from The Monk, who has fostered on the billiard community a legendary form of instruction in a product line that has been developed over a period of years. The Monk teaches you to focus on the skills and attitudes that will provide you with a solid base where you can build a more enjoyable game.

Learn Billiards from the instructor who developed a complete program on billiards instruction, the 101 program.
In 1983, The Monk started his journey in learning billiards spending three years working on the dynamics of shot making by isolating himself like the Tibet Monks of old.
The Monk worked out a method to help players improve both concentration and performance skills.

You can learn billiards, really learn it from The Monk. So pick a book, a video or an audio knowing they will help you understand this game and yourself.

May all the rolls go your way.