Learn to Play Pool at Home

Take a moment to thinkabout what you want to achieve in pocket billiards. No one is given a dreamwithout the chance to realize it to the fullest. You've known this for years.You know what your dream is and now it is time you and The Monk made it come true. Youcan succeed. It's easy. All you need to do is follow this simple plan. The Monkbecomes your personal mentor.

Improve Your Game Through Mentoring by a Master

You won't have to struggle with bits and pieces of information. Sometimes our knowledge is real and other times it is imagined. Know the difference between the two.

The Monk will take you through this course one step at a time. Don't let your thoughts stray away from your goals. Learn to bend them to your will. Once you stray away from your purpose you become tired and overwhelmed. The Monk won't let this happen to you. Here is your chance to have the finest trainer in the world as your personal mentor.

When you join the MA/PB program you are teaming up with special players. The Monk attracts the unique, dedicated, and sincere player.

Sammantha Diep and I created and filmed this series all over the country; Boston , Chicago , Texas , Vail, and Las Vegas , as well as other site along the tournament trail.

The Master's Toolkit

When you enroll in the MA/PB program, you will receive:

* A special DVD for each of the 12 lessons

* All the paperwork illustrating the assignments for each lesson

* All the paperwork necessary to track and measure your progress

* A special CD of encouragement by The Monk personally

* All the personal attention you require from The Monk and his team

* An evaluation of your progress

Be prepared to work hard and dedicate yourself to becoming a world class player in the game of pocket billiards.

Profile of a Master