How to Break Billiards

When shooting a game of pool, no one can begin the game until the cue balls are racked and ready to go. There are several different techniques that are used to set up the game. The opening shot is the one shot that sets the game. When done correctly, the game can be challenging and may involve a lot of critical thinking. When shooting billiards you will want to learn which technique that works best for you. Not everyone can use the same method and each cue stick is different so you need to prepare for the game by first finding a cue stick that feels comfortable in your hands. It can not be too heavy or too light. You need to make sure that it feels comfortable in shooting position. Take a couple practice shots before the game starts to make sure that you have the right cue stick.

Customize your Billiard Break
Again, it is very important to develop a shot that you will only use during break. This shot will make the game interesting. You will want to have a break that is like no other player. If you break good then you will have the confidence that you need to win the game. Here are a few ways that you can customize your break.

There are several different factors that play into your break; how you hold your arm, how your body posture is. Most people make the mistake of aiming the cue stick towards the center of the cue ball but it does need to be just below the center.

You may want to watch the professionals play a game and learn how they break and then you can take a few tips from them to create your own break.

When the cue ball is hit correctly, the hit will determine how interesting the game will go. To start the game the balls must be placed in a rack and organized before the first shot can be made. The break will be determined by the height of the shooter, the cue stick used, the hand positioning, the speed in which the cue stick hits the cue balls. If you barely tap the balls, they may not scatter enough to make a pocket on your first hit but if you use a certain speed to hit the balls you may end up with a great first shot that ranks you on the top in your game.

This article will help imrpove your billiards break and this article clearly sets out the 5 steps of the billiard break.