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Monk Billiard Books take you to the top of your game.

The concepts presented by The Monk will bring your skill set to a whole new level and give you a true understanding of the mental aspects of pocket billiards.

At some point in your pocket billiard career you will have to deal with how you approach winning and losing. The Lesson will prepare you for this moment in your billiards experience. Master each lesson and have the skills to face all the challenges that come up.

The step by step guide for mastering the game of 8-Ball.

Don't get caught behind the eight ball. You are a winner with this masterful book on the game we all love. The 8-Ball Book will build your skills to the level you desire.

If you want to perform up to your own standards, " I Came To Win" is the book for you.

This book will help you become the player you always believed you could become.

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This is the blockbuster book that swept the billiard world. Learn how the shot shoots itself. Master key ball syndrome.
Point the Way shows you how to increase your concentration skills. Learn how to reach the "zone."