Monk Video Sets

Bring Training up Close & Personal

101 Series delivers billiards foundation

The Monk 101 volume one, two, and three have been the best selling videos over five straight years! The monk does not have to come out with a new video every six months to keep his sales going. You can trust The Monk to deliver.

In this three volume set you will learn some moves reserved for only the advance player. Every time you step forward to the table, your opponent will step back and "watch you shine".
You do not have to fear anything. When you become the master, there is nothing to fear. you know what to do. You are confident in the fine art of safety play. You are sure of the shots you face. There is no better feeling than to reach the zone and know what you want to accomplish. This 202 series is your training exercise to reach that wonderful "zone". Study this material and we will meet in the finals

202 Series: Complete Cushion Control

The RACK UP THE VICTORY Series 202 features Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman presenting his foundation for Banking and Kicking.
Combines over 25 years of personal exposure to the Diamond System Study by "Dr. Cue." You will understand table terminology and be able to connect the diamonds on the rail. Never again will you loose games for three fouls in a row.
Vol. 2 & 3 gets into kicking with 2, 3, and more cushion control. It gives you the feeling that no matter where your opponent leaves you on the table, you will prevail.