Billiard and Pool Wagers

Pool Fishing Provides Winning Path

Heís a hungry fish. Heís gonna bite. Give him time to feel out the situation before he commits himself to the inevitable. This will make him more comfortable and then easier to reel in.

Letís say that he gets real comfortable and offers to play you a race to seven for fifty bucks, heads up. For shits and giggles tell him itís too steep for you. I guarantee you heíll offer you the eight for your trouble, possibly the seven depending on how bad he wants your money. The spot should be the other way around, but he doesnít know that.

Congratulations, you just made fifty bucks. For set two, he wants to play you straight up for a hundred (getting his original $50 back, plus the $50 he planned on winning the last set). Reel him in! Without doing anything fancy, beat him. Chances are, thatís all he has in his pocket.

Now remember, that you were just minding your own business when HE approached YOU. Iím not going to feel bad about that, and neither should you. Iím not going to lose any sleep over it either, Now the other guys in the room are watching all of this. The Pond Scum will eventually try to bankroll him to try and get him out of the hole, but thatís okay, we want that to happen. More on that later, just concentrate on keeping the sucker in check. You have just won the suckerís money, and the Pond Scum knows that.

Now, remember I told you that when scouting the room you need to know "how the room works" so that you can "work the room"? I told you to find out HOW and HOW MUCH money changes hands. This is where that becomes important. That information is going to tell you when to stop with the little fish. There is a magical amount of money that I call the "lure". This "lure" attracts the Big Fish over to your table. Letís say that youíve just won $250 off of the sucker who gave you the spot. Thatís $250 that the Big Fish was hoping to win, but you got to it first. Well, donít kid yourself, he still wants it. This is where you want to wave it under his nose while at the same time keeping him clueless. All we do is repeat the process. Let the Big Fish approach you.

More than likely, the Pond Scum is bankrolling him too, so the possibilities are endless. You want the guy to be begging you for a game. If he offers you a spot, by all means take it. If he doesnít offer you the spot, donít press for it. You donít want to sound stupid, but you donít want to sound too smart either.

If you are a visiting player from out of town, heíll be wanting to defend his territory and heíll want to start out big for starters, hoping to scare you away. Whatever he offers you, DONíT BACK DOWN!!! This is the guy you wanted all along. The Pondscum is more likely to bankroll the Big Fish down to their last dime, and if we walk away from this guy we get none of it. Thatís brings us to Blackjackís fifth rule of fishiní: Never forget who is reeling in who.