Prerequisites to
Home Study Course

To bring your game to the highest level, there are a few things the student should bring to the table to succeed at The Monk’s new Home Study Course and in 12 months become a true owner of the title, “Masters of Art in Pocket Billiards.

• You must seek to incorporate an enlightened quality of a particular mindset into your game and make it your own.

• You must become the quality and you can do this by visualizing the quality over and over.

• You must contemplate the virtues that this quality represents, reciting affirmations throughout the day.

• You are building a mindset from which you will act, think, and perform. The ultimate goal is to become the quality so that you take on all the elements of that quality.

The Monk is looking for students who are driven by a strong will. Are you a student who will not permit anything to interfere with achieving your inner most desire?

No more weaknesses to plague your game.
No more trusting luck or good rolls. Take charge.

If you are the kind of player who knows the difference between training and practicing, and you are able to follow a day-by-day, step-by-step, program, then I am your personal trainer. We will work until the work is done.

The goal is to give you a clearer, more definitive blueprint than
you've ever seen or possessed before, for achieving whatever
business/money/success/fame/impact and influence goals you
may have, while absolutely defying all normal, common, ordinary
boundaries and restrictions - billiards skills, strategy, concentration,
inner game battles, courage and consistency.

I am looking for that special student who has a strong will and won’t permit anything to interfere with achieving his inner desire.

You have worked hard, but have not experienced the personal growth you need to realize your dreams. Now you are willing to do it right and here it is.

You receive twelve easy lessons. Twelve DVD’s. Twelve Cd’s.

You will interact personally with The Monk. Nothing is left to chance. Master each lesson then move on to the next level.

Build that solid foundation so you can win tournaments and rise to the top of your league.