Billiards Spin Shot

Spin Shot Adds Variety To Rail Rebounds

The Spin Stroke is a neat shot to have at your ready, there are times when it is the only shot that will work to sink a ball and get back to the position you want.

It is a great tool for helping you measure speed of the cue ball off one or more rails. It is also a way to widen the natural track line off the rail.

The spin stroke is a close cousin to the punch stroke. Set up on the spot and sight straight down to the center diamond on the bottom rail. Use center right and “pop” the ball so it is spinning on its way down table.

In this shot, the ultimate destination of the cue ball depends on the speed of your cue and its point of contact on the cue ball. The further out from center, the sharper the track line off from the end rail. A medium speed, near center hit will put the cue ball into the corner. Spin to win Speed up the cue and move it out from center, you will find you are closer to the side pocket.

Switch to the other side of the cue ball and you will see the cue ball impact along the left rail.

You should be able to control the spin so you can scratch in either corner pocket near you.

You should be able to control the cue ball so you can hit the number two diamond on both sides of the table.

You should be able to control the cue ball so you can hit either side pocket. With a great spin stroke, you will be able to control where the cue ball is going. You will develop an instinct with this wonderful stroke.

My Spinning Experiences

I have been a practioner and strong advocate of the four strokes of billiards as the "must have"skill set to handle the tremendous variety of shots that come up in a match.

That being said, I have to lower my head and keep quiete when ot comes to the "Spin Shot".

I could easily make sense out of the stop shot, the draw and the follow. I can deliver themwhen needed and can actually gain advantages by putting them to use as The Monk has instructed.

But the spin shot is not something I have been able to master.

#1. I haven't run into uses for it in my normal 8-Ball play.

#2. The concept of "Back English" and it's use to deliver a spin shot has escaped me.

This was a HUGE problem for me that took a long while to diagnose and correct.In my experience, twisting the shaft DOES produce side spin. I don't know if it'sdue to some corkscrew action of the tip or just swerving the stick and missingthe point of aim. In my judgment, it ain't a good thing unless it's doneintentionally and the effects are known/understood. As with many others, myproblem was left to right or clockwise shaft twist in the final stroke delivery. I consistently got unintended right spin on the cue ball even when trying tohit center ball.

This week, I have gone back to "The Lesson" by The Monk and pounded his dissertationon "Back English" into my head. I understand it and can actually use it. Its making the connection to the Spin Shot and seeing an "in game" need for it in my normal 8-Ball play.