Billiard Stroke Training

Stroke training is the key
to developing consistency

Taking the Shot I never could do the behind the back shot worth a damn.

Being left-handed, I saw fewer shots that required going to the claw. But I also found myself stretching my capability from the left side, you know cue butt to bellybutton...

I am now looking to learn how to play right- handed. I am not ambidextrous or even close to it.

One thing I had to learn all over was my preshot routine, You just get used to using pre shot consistently and then you reverse it...yuh tha'll work.

At first it felt very awkward and I had trouble shooting straight. I couldn't draw ball or use English. Now follow is OK and stop is OK.

Then I started working with Doug Carter's StrokeTrainer and the first thing I noticed: Shooting right-handed with my grip hand against the barrier almost forced me into proper alignment from right eye to right thigh, to right foot.

Getting comfortable with stance and bridge were the two hardest things for me to overcome.
But I've found it a real help with those shots on the wrong side of the table.

For tips on your billiard stoke take a look at this article on Billiard Stroke Instruction .