Billiard Strokes

Mini-Study Four Strokes Course

The Only Four Pool Shots You Need To Know to Succeed

There well may be millions of different billiard ball combinations that will result in getting a ball into a pocket, but there are only four effective methods of shooting those shots.

Stop Stroke
Start with the Stop Stroke, easily one of the easiest ways to master position play is with an effective Stop Stroke.

Our articles on the billiard stop shot and billiard stop stroke will have you playing better instantly.

Draw Stroke
The Draw Stroke which brings the cue ball back to you is a multi purpose shot with slight variances that get different results. Become the master of the billiard draw stroke for a table length shot.

Follow Stroke
The Follow Stroke moves the cue ball forward of the impact point and is handy in running patterns. Learn the real art of the billiard follow shot.

Spin Stroke
The Spin Stroke is as its name implies. The spin stroke is a method of gaining a different cue ball track line off the rail after impact with the object ball. Varies depending on the amount of spin used. These tips about the billiard spin stroke and the billiard spin shot will have your game improving noticably.

And once you have mastered all these take a look at these articles on on Long Draw and Short Follow and the long thin billiard cut.