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Here you can print the pages of The Lesson you want to work on. At some of my workshop I notice students who print the entire lesson out and place it in a note book binder.

Learn the drills in "The Lesson" by The Monk. Do it without having to balance a book in one hand, your cue in the other.

Here is a summary of the
benefits you receive

  • 260 pages of Advanced Billiards Training

    Learn at your own speed from the best instructor in this game today

  • A thorough presentation on The Monk's 2-7-2 shots

    Take your time learning it, this is the foundation on which champions are built

  • The Monk's presentation on developing proper speed is here

    You need to develop more speed to win more games

  • Over 200 illustrations make The Monk's instruction clear

    You can shoot these drills over and over until you know them

  • The Monk's famous 13-Ball Exercise

    Groove your stroke by making this exercise a part of your routine

  • The Monk Billiard Academy Score Sheet

    Define your game by tracking your progress

  • The Punch Stroke, a 9-page how to

    To master the game you must master it's most popular stroke


  • 10 pages on four draw strokes

    Master these four strokes and gain cue ball command


  • Got shooting over a ball jitters?

    Learn the two Monk secrets that make it a snap


  • Mid-term Exam, page 211

    Measure your progress and take action

This is an e-Book of The Monk's 101 Program drill book, "The Lesson", a top seller in the Billiards community around the world. When you get serious about your pool game, this is the book you must have.

In Acrobat .pdf format, it gives you the advantage of working from a book or specific lessons you can lay right on the table where you practice.

You can quickly download this version of The Lesson right here and eliminate the time and cost of shipping.

Print out the lesson you want to work on, make notes and sketches on the back of the page, you will remember how you succeeded and be able to repeat when you need it in a game.