Tips on Billiards Strategy

Strengthen your Game With Professional Billiard Tips

Absorbing these tips on billiards strategy can bring you to a relaxed state because you have a plan. If you are calm, you will be more confident in your decisions.

You will be smoother in your ball stroking and as a result will make more balls. When you prepare, you gain an edge, this edge makes all the difference.

Do you have a clear vision for your game or is it all just a fantasy? There's a difference between a vision and a fantasy. A vision is highly detailed and has specific goals for its accomplishment. A fantasy is anything else.

Your vision is as real as you make it -- no more, no less.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Billiard Tip - A strategy to win more games than you lose

Concentrate on the shot you are shooting. Everything else, put it out of your mind. Ignore the score, the audience and other players. You are there to shoot this one shot. Grab as many balls as you can. When you have to sit, relish the good shots, let slip the negative and stay in the game.


If your stroke is off, or you don't feel confident with it, safety-safety-safety until you get your game on. Patience never does harm. Play safe, play safe, play safe! Too many players want to make a ball every time they get to the table.... if you like to make balls.... try to get ball in hand as often as you can.... you'll get to make more balls if you do!

Thanks to The Wolf Pack for this tip

Know where you are

Know your table and environment. Tables can vary greatly.
Everything from the felt, to the bumpers, to how much play a table gets can make a difference. Lets start with felt, Simonis felt for example, unlike standard cloth which is made of cotton, is a nylon weave, it's known for being very fast felt but also very true.
Mercury felt is a blend of cotton and nylon, with the same weave as Simonis but the cotton makes it a little slower and not quite as true as Simonis. Most tables are the cotton felt, and cotton reacts to the weather, humidity can cause the felt to roll slower than normal. Not all tables are perfectly straight.

Thanks to The Wolf Pack for this tip

Have an 8-Ball plan

When you come to the table in a game of eight ball with the table still open, you have a tremendous opportunity. Don't necessarily take the easiest shot available to you. First look over the table carefully to see if the stripes or solids will offer an easier run out, and if at all possible, select that group.
In 8-ball, it is important to have a general plan for your run out before you start shooting. One of the most basic concepts is to identify a "key ball" which you will shoot immediately before the 8-ball, leading to an easy shot to win the game.
Try to work backwards from that ball to find a sequence that will not require any heroic shots. Of course, if you find yourself out of position, you will have to re-evaluate, and determine whether another sequence is available to you, or whether to play a safety.

Ken Tewksbury